Electric Mobility Challenge

Awarding solutions that will transform access to electric mobility options in New York State's disadvantaged communities.

Up to $21 million available

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Bold Solutions for a Cleaner New York

New York State will support long-term, transformational electric mobility options that will improve the quality of life in disadvantaged communities. The Electric Mobility Challenge will award up to three grand prizes of $7 million each to support the transition to clean, safe, and more convenient transportation for all New Yorkers.

How to Participate

Learn more about key steps to participating in the Electric Mobility Challenge.

1. Assessment

Before registering, complete our optional Organizational Readiness Tool to help determine eligibility and assess your fit for the challenge.

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2. Registration

After assessing your fit through the Organizational Readiness Tool, registration is required by Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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3. Proposal

Once you’ve registered for the Electric Mobility Challenge, complete and submit your proposal no later than Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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4. Evaluation

Each eligible proposal will be evaluated by an independent Scoring Committee consisting of five experts using the scoring rubric. All scores are normalized to ensure fairness.

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5. Phase One Awards

Informed by Scoring Committee results, the Selection Panel will review top-scoring submissions and select up to five Phase One Awardees in Winter 2021.

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6. Phase Two Awards

Phase One Awardees will enter into an agreement with NYSERDA for a $100,000 planning grant to strengthen their proposals for the opportunity to win a $7 million award.

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The resources below are provided as a baseline to support an understanding of a broad array of issues and solutions related to mobility and disadvantaged communities in New York State. Note: They do not necessarily represent what the scoring committee expects to see in a successful proposal. Additional resources and webinar information can be found under Proposal Process: Resources.

Guidance for Interactive Map Tool

Community Partner Directory

Insights: Community-based Organization Webinars

Report: National Scan of Bike Share Equity Programs

Report: Influential Factors in the Formation of Partnerships Between Ridehail Companies and Public Transportation

Report: Shared Micromobility in the US: 2019

Report: Sustaining Clean Mobility Equity Programs: Equitable Funding for Equitable Mobility

Toolkit: Electrify Public Transportation: Policy Toolkit

Report: Low-Income Barriers Study, Part B: Overcoming Barriers to Clean Transportation Access for Low-Income Residents

Aggregated Data Resources for NYS