Grand Prize Winner
Circuit Transit Inc.
New York, New York

Promoting Sustainable Transportation: Electric Micro-Shuttle Services in Long Island

Communities in the Rockaways and Suffolk County are disproportionately impacted by the health effects of climate change and air pollution. Stakeholders have noted transit access and local development are priorities. Circuit and its team proposes an electric micro-shuttle service to bridge first/last mile gaps without adding to congestion and air pollution. Circuit's cost-effective model aligns with how residents want to get around with the quality control of public transit. By providing convenient, affordable connections for short trips, we are enabling residents to access opportunity, transit, and essential services. Shared rides in electric vehicles will also reduce congestion and transportation-related emissions and their negative health effects.

This project will operate a turnkey micro-shuttle service using battery electric vehicles. Riders can request fare-free on-demand rides within the coverage area and hours of operation developed with community partners. Riders can request free rides using a mobile app, by phone, or by waving down a car.

Solution Location(s):
Rockaways, Suffolk County
Transportation Alternatives
The Equitable Commute Project
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