Grand Prize Winner
EIT InnoEnergy USA
Somerville, Delaware

Project MOVER: Moving Onto Vast E-Micromobility Replication

After several recent planning processes, the Village of Ossining identified the need for clean mobility options to enhance neighborhood access, connect people to downtown, the riverfront, ferry landing, and Metro-North station. People seek to alleviate Ossining's hilly terrain.  The Village has a predominately low-income Latino and Black population that desires affordable mobility. Project MOVER will dramatically expand access to shared and personal e-bikes and create an Electric Micromobility Incubator, a knowledge exchange for communities to access deployment blueprints to replicate implementation beyond the Village.

This project will feature a comprehensive support infrastructure, including e-bike charging docks, low-cost lease-to-own e-bikes and reduced fare shared e-bike trips, additional bike parking, community-led training and marketing, and turnkey operations.

Solution Location(s):
Ossining, Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry, Croton-on-Hudson
Circuit Transit Inc.
Promoting Sustainable Transportation: Electric Micro-Shuttle Services in Long Island
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