Grand Prize Winner
Sustainable Westchester Inc.
Mount Kisco, New York

Bee-Line On Demand: Delivering Innovative Electric Mobility to Peekskill

Peekskill is a thriving community of 24,000 residents, located on the Hudson River. However, the City is home to only about 1/5 as many jobs as residents. Despite most jobs requiring a significant commute, most households in the area have zero or one vehicle. Electric vehicle (EV) adoption has been low to date, meaning those residents who can afford a car must consume fossil fuels to commute to work. To improve transit and foster electric mobility, we will introduce a new on-demand transit service using EVs, and make significant investments in publicly-accessible charging infrastructure in Peekskill. Bee-Line On-Demand will provide fast and easy transfers to the Bee-Line bus network to increase access to jobs without increasing emissions.

This project will strengthen connections to existing Metro-North rail and Bee-Line bus service to fill gaps in access. Residents will be able to plan and book multimodal trips by entering their origin and destination into a new Bee-Line branded mobile app or by calling the customer service center. The app will return an itinerary using a combination of dynamic microtransit and fixed route options, minimize trip time and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Red Hook Recharge Zone
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