Grand Prize Winner
Transportation Alternatives
New York, New York

The Equitable Commute Project

Disadvantaged NYC communities face especially long commutes, creating barriers to employment and harming overall well-being. The Equitable Commute Project (ECP) will provide electric commute options for frontline Bronx and Brooklyn workers by increasing ownership of micromobility through fleet discounts and innovative financing, outreach and education, workforce development, data collection for replication, and policy impact.

This project will provide subsidies and low-cost microlending so that those without credit histories can purchase e-micromobility vehicles. It will support uptake through community and employer outreach and education that increases knowledge about e-micromobility and its safe use, and provide secure storage and charging. The project will create a micromobility workforce that produces good green jobs and greater economic opportunity. The project will reduce participants' commute times, improve quality of life, and increase access to employment opportunities.

Solution Location(s):
Bronx, Brooklyn
Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit, Inc.
Tompkins County Transportation Equity & Access Project
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