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Chargetrip B.V.
Amsterdam, Provincie Noord-Holland

Smart routing and orchestrated charging software for electric vehicles

The electric driving and charging eco-system is highly fragmented. Due to regulatory, financial, operational, and infrastructural limitations, it's complicated for operators to run an electric fleet. As a result, the only fleets currently being electrified are those with predictable routes (inner-city busses and deliveries.) Nevertheless, EVs offer improved total cost of ownership (TCO) to long haul busses and trucks too, when compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Chargetrip developed a routing engine that helps fleet managers to amplify the cost benefits of EVs. By integrating with dispatch and smart routing software, we can predict the energy needs of any bus or truck and charge accordingly. Furthermore, by combining predictive models for charge congestion, dynamic energy prices, and preferred charge point operator, we suggest EVs where and when to charge. Full optimization results in charging costs 35% lower than non-optimized charging costs. The Chargetrip Solution can be easily integrated into a larger fleet management stack via API.

Chargetrip developed a smart routing and orchestrated charging software for electric vehicles.

Our routing engine considers multiple dynamic (e.g., weather, charging station availability, energy prices, vehicle load) and static (e.g., vehicle model, charge station address) variables to compute the best route with the optimal charge stations in between, for a specific EV under certain circumstances.  

The concept of "orchestrated charging" refers to the ability to optimize the entire charging chain: charge point operator (CPO) preference, charge card optimization, depot charging optimization, routing and on-route charging optimization, vehicle utilization optimization.

By communicating with the fleet management software, the smart charging software, and the dispatch software, we predict the energy need of a vehicle and let the smart charging software charge the vehicle accordingly. Furthermore, we optimize on-route charging by ingesting telematic data and liaising with the preferred e-MSP and CPO. The Chargetrip platform supports open integrations with third-party applications, is modern and cloud-based, and has an intuitive, easy-to-use API and user interface. It can work as a standalone piece of technology, but it's most helpful when utilized as one building block of a larger and integrated fleet management software stack. We argue that only by providing MD/HD EV fleets with intelligent and integrated tools, we can help fleet managers to overcome complexity and efficiently manage TCO. Furthermore, the Chargetrip solution will not bring considerable benefits to a small geographical segment only, but it is potentially applicable to any electric fleet operating anywhere.

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