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Electric Mobility ChallengeElectric Truck & BusClean Neighborhoods
Civilized Cycles Incorporated
Brooklyn, New York

Empire Community Mobility Partners

Mobility/Delivery entrepreneurs in disadvantaged neighborhoods tend to operate older, poorer maintained vehicles that are more likely to cause both air and noise pollution. Access to capital, licensing requirements, and internal combustion engine (ICE) operating costs are all significant barriers to entry and profitability. At the same time, few solutions exist between 'bicycle backpack' and a full size ICE van.

Our incredible team of partners will build and deploy a fleet of telematically-connected cargo e-bikes and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV's), tailored to the needs of a community. These hardware platforms, combined with software that enables a wide range of mobility and logistics services, will be configurable for a wide range of use cases.

Our goal is to empower community members  to create profitable competition for ICE vehicles for 'last mile' and community mobility/delivery needs. Every ICE motor trip replaced by a cargo ebike or NEV is a community upgrade for safety, health, and quality of life.

Our solution is to turn the challenges into opportunities. According to initial demand modeling conducted by Autofleet,  there is currently $600m in rideshare and delivery revenue in our target initial development costs that can be targeted for competition by light electric platforms.

By eliminating capital as a barrier to entry, radically lowering cost of operation, and providing software tools, we empower community entrepreneurs and local businesses to adopt electric solutions.

  • Trackable hardware ebike and/or neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) platforms for a wide range of businesses and scales - Rideshare, package delivery, food cart, construction, medical, etc.
  • Integrated software platform that delivers the same tools used by public rideshare and delivery companies, but built for the entrepreneur or small business. This open platform has a robust optimization engine with demand prediction, route pooling, optimized placement, automated in/de fleeting and dynamic pricing. As an open platform, it enables integrations to any existing source of demand.
  • Assisting startups and existing businesses with demand modeling, cost saving/estimation, and with connections to a network of existing sources of demand from corporate partners like DoorDash or Amazon to reduce risk and allow for fast revenue standup.
  • By providing insurance, maintenance and repair as part of an inclusive single payment bundle to streamline and simplify management and enable the widest possible pool of eligible users.
  • Fleet offered on rental, lease, or shared terms with no cash up front, and no commitment.
  • Local 'store front scale' service and charging centers provide support services, parking, and charging.

Success is measured in dollars and distance.

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