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Free Mobility

Free aims to transform the way people access and utilize electric transportation. It's a radical rethinking of shared mobility where users own and share dockless smart electric bikes and scooters. Free transportation owners, who are members of these communities, earn a percentage of the profits and get unlimited Free rides, too. By offering safe and convenient electric mobility options, like bikes and scooters, to users, specifically, members of disadvantaged communities, Free increases access to clean electrified transportation. Through profit-share, Free also offers access to passive income and increased access to generational wealth-building. To put it in simple terms, Free is like a library for transportation providing electric vehicle access and improving the lives of the communities where it operates.

Free is a shared mobility platform with a distributed ownership model. At Free, we sell smart IoT bikes and scooters to users, who then have the option of putting their bike or scooter on the shared Free platform. Sharing on the Free platform offers owners a share of the profit that their bike or scooter makes while also affording them free access to the entire fleet of bikes or scooters. Ultimately, what Free is enabling is true shared and distributed clean mobility.

In East Harlem, this solution is useful because it expands access to mobility that is safe, convenient, and active/electric. This community suffers from lower connectivity than the rest of Manhattan and a point of success would be notable increased access to jobs, education, and commerce corridors.  

It's transformative in not only the convenience of access, but also the model. It radically redefines what shared mobility looks like by introducing a profit-share model with owners on the system. Short-term, affordable, convenient transportation is delivered while data-gathering and long-term impact includes the creation of generational wealth and the introduction of passive income to a community in need.

Success looks like increased usership, metrics around decreased time to destination, decreased congestion on local public transport, and a pollution decrease in the community. The three-year period would see decreased unemployment and increased access to education.

Success is initially a deep impact on a small community and over three years a broad impact on the whole city.

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New York County
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New York County
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