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E Mobility Market Services Inc, DBA ZappyRide
New York, New York

EVs are for EVeryone

To help accelerate EV adoption in disadvantaged communities, we have to first bring forth awareness, education and trusted vehicle acquisition solutions that help residents understand why and how EVs are better for them, their community, and the environment, and help them obtain the vehicles.

To enable success, we have to position communities to work together and collectively benefit everyone. Our program will help consumers directly but also help stakeholders such as policy makers, non-profit organizations, car dealerships, and community organizers educate residents on EVs, chargers, incentives, carbon footprint, and more.

Our solutions bring together the entire ecosystem of auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), utilities, charging infrastructure, city and state planners, non-profit organizations, commercial stakeholders, to enable a comprehensive approach to education and awareness.

A few ways we look to measure success are as follows:

  • Increased EV registrations
  • Drop in emissions
  • Increased applications for EV incentives
  • Increased electrical demand

According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, disadvantaged communities struggle to adopt new technologies because they often don't have access to information. We help to change that. (See here:

EVs are the future and to maximize economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities we need to improve awareness and education and overcome obstacles in that journey.

To do so, our program will cover the 4 steps of the EV customer journey:

  1. Outreach & Awareness
  2. Education
  3. Vehicle and charger acquisition4. Charging and Driving
  4. Charging and Driving

We will work with local communities to create awareness and overcome obstacles related to knowledge gaps, trust gaps and general lack of familiarity with the technology.

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Albany County
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Albany County
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