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Boost Electric Vehicle Charging Access (BEVCA)

Electrifying transportation is particularly challenging in highly urbanized and lower-income communities, where many residents live in apartment buildings and other multi-unit dwellings (MUDs), because of financial and logistical barriers to the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Our project will improve charging access for MUD residents, including ride-hail drivers, thereby reducing a major barrier to electrification. We will use data-driven methods to identify concentrations of drivers and property managers in Queens and Buffalo and provide them with mobile and stationary charging. We will offer tailored training modules to educate 2,000 MUD property owners and residents with the latest information about EVs and charging equipment installation. By focusing on ride-hail drivers, our program will facilitate the electrification of the high-mileage vehicles used in ride-hail service, resulting in significant emissions reductions.

One of the foremost barriers to EV charging access in disadvantaged communities is the need for multi-unit dwelling (MUD) property owners to cover and recoup costs involved with installing EVSE. We resolve this issue by removing the need for hard-wired equipment and dedicated space. Through SprakCharge's subscription model, costs of participation are carried by the participants alone. At the same time, exposure to the simplicity of the model increases the likelihood of EV adoption by other residents of the MUD.

This project is designed to build upon the existing opportunity with ride-hailing drivers who live in MUDs in disadvantaged communities. In partnership with Uber, these pilot projects in Queens and Buffalo will educate MUD property owners about EVs, review data indicating demand, and coordinate mobile EV charging to address immediate needs. Additionally, we will educate drivers about the financial and environmental benefits of EVs while providing options for upgrading their vehicles.

The SparkCharge solution provides convenient, affordable mobile charging to MUD residents and drivers who use the Uber application. And property owners can install up to two dual-port stationary chargers at one MUD property.

Program success is measured by the enthusiastic engagement of participants, installing 30 Level 2 chargers at MUDs and achieving 40 annual subscriptions to the mobile charging program. The immediate impact will be creating access to EVs, thereby paving the way for cost savings and emissions reductions. If needed, we will reconfigure our approach by integrating community feedback. We will prove a pathway to EV access for disadvantaged communities.

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