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Electrovaya Inc
Mississauga, Ontario

Manufacturing Ultrasafe Batteries for eBuses & eTrucks in Jamestown, NY

Battery fires and performance recalls are currently two of the major inhibitors for widespread vehicle electrification. The future of medium- and heavy-duty electrification requires safe, reliable battery solutions to enable rapid adoption. Electrovaya has developed a battery technology backed by over 100 patents able to provide an industry-leading combination of capacity, cycle life, and fire mitigation; exceptionally well suited towards medium-duty and heavy-duty (MD/HD) vehicles operating over 12 hours per day. Electrovaya is proposing a manufacturing facility in Jamestown NY for the operationalization of domestically produced cells and modules tailored for MD/HD vehicle electrification. We are engaging with partner vehicle OEMs to unlock benefits associated with co-located manufacturing and providing reduced costs of ownership over the vehicle lifetime associated with recalls, vehicle downtime, and battery replacement. Additionally, we aim to create 50 immediate high-quality clean energy manufacturing jobs in the Jamestown disadvantaged community areas, scaling to 300 over the total project implementation.

Electrovaya has developed a proprietary lithium-ion battery technology possessing an industry-leading combination of high energy capacity, long cycle life, and operational safety. The resulting battery systems are exceptionally well-suited for vehicles operating over 12 hours per day and requiring at least one full charge cycle per day, including e-busses and e-trucks. Our batteries are currently being widely deployed in warehousing forklift vehicles where cycle life and fire prevention are critical performance metrics. We are proposing a lithium-ion cell and  high-voltage pack manufacturing facility near Jamestown NY to accelerate MD/HD vehicle electrification across NY State. Electrovaya is engaging in partnerships with electric vehicle OEMs to provide long term, domestically manufactured, and ultrasafe vehicle electrification solutions for fleet owners.

Locally, this venture will provide 50 direct manufacturing jobs to the Jamestown disadvantaged community area within the first year of operation, with potential expansion to over 300 total jobs. We are currently engaging with Chautauqua-based workforce organizations and academic institutions to improve the manufacturing ecosystem in the Jamestown area as well as bolster the US lithium battery manufacturing supply chain.

On a broader scale, this venture aims to accelerate the implementation of MD and HD vehicles across NY State providing high-performance batteries while introducing benefits of co-located battery manufacturing. Electrovaya's technology reduces costs and risk for vehicle operators associated with vehicle downtime and battery replacement due to inadequate performance or safety concerns. Fully made-in-America battery systems provide secure supply chains and quality control for long term vehicle electrification goals.

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