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BALGOWLAH HEIGHTS, State of New South Wales

Re:Mobilize New Yok

The biggest challenges to electrification of heavy truck and bus fleets are: availability of fit for purpose vehicles, higher price of vehicles (capital & total cost of ownership) and the level of organisational readiness of fleets. Re:Mobilize NY solves each of these using three levers: providing high quality, low cost transition plans at scale, providing aggregation of buyers and sellers into a reverse auction marketplace, using this to seed hundreds of heavy vehicle purchases simultaneously, and using rigorous monitoring to provide evidence back to fleets locally and nationally around the results.

This will ultimately align the value chain and result in thousands more electric HVs on the road; it will help disadvantaged fleets get a better deal on vehicles and equipment; it will help suppliers gear up manufacturing with clear long- term procurement signals and it will ensure capital lands with those in greatest need or with the best returns.

Re:Mobilize New York - solving the challenges

Organisational readiness - it is difficult to deliver high-quality, cost-effective transition plans with time constrained fleet managers. This program will deploy proven frameworks for rapid delivery of quality heavy vehicle electrification plans (at mass scale) with buy-in from the fleet manager, providing investment grade plans for the CFO and establishing sustainable organisational change.

Availability of fit for purpose vehicles - World leading route suitability software will remove range anxiety and a pre-purchase certification process will check potential vehicles against specific duties to provide independent guarantees prior to purchase. The program will track the vehicles (particularly batteries), once procured, providing knowledge on true performance.  There is also a lack of vehicle supply so the aggregation marketplace element of the program will provide long term procurement data to manufacturers to help them better meet demand.

Cost - Every fleet will have heavy vehicles with duty cycles that have better or worse TCO based on how far they drive. Statewide aggregation will quickly highlight vehicles with the best business case while prices are higher, and enable economies of scale in purchasing prices for vehicles, finance, charging infrastructure and potentially energy.

Success in the program - hundreds of engaged fleets in disadvantaged communities doing transition plans with minimum KPIs of 15 per month. A first joint procurement of at least 200 vehicles. Thousands of fleets with long term changed purchasing behaviour, pollution reduced in disadvantaged communities, thousands of tonnes of carbon abated and better demand data for suppliers and utilities.

Location of Proposed Work
Westchester County
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Westchester County
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