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Green Apple Transport, LLC
Brooklyn, New York

Green Apple's Electric Vehicle Charging, Education and Equitable Access Project

Green Apple Transport ("GAT") endeavors to create the premier EV transportation company to serve as an example to other fleets looking to transition. We are starting with school bus service in the Bronx because this will have the largest impact on the most vulnerable. The Bronx's air pollution levels are the worst in the nation because it is completely encircled by major transportation corridors. This has caused estimates as high as 25% of kids having some form of asthma.  

We will include vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities to help support these areas underdeveloped power grids to avoid brownouts during peak demand periods. We will also have public charging stations as charging availability is a significant barrier to EV ownership for small fleets that don't have a parking facility or electrical capacity to install electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). GAT will also provide EV repair and maintenance facilities to allow vehicles to get back on the road faster.

Our initiatives will help to build out the infrastructure needed to support and encourage other fleets to transition to EVs.

Providing electric school bus transportation - NYC is the largest school district in the nation served by over 16,000 mostly diesel powered school buses. This large fleet is run by private companies that have little incentive to adopt electric school buses. Our success will be measured by parents choosing our services and other companies switching to electric to compete.

Installing public chargers - The Bronx has the lowest density of public electric charging stations and the lowest adoption rate of electric vehicles. We should see adoption increase with charging stations availability.

V2G infrastructure - This will allow fleets to increase the rate of return on the large upfront investment to purchase electric vehicles. We can provide a location for smaller fleets to store and charge their vehicles and share in the revenue from V2G utilization.

EV repair center - This will provide electric vehicle servicing and maintenance in NYC, which is crucial for maintaining commercial fleets of EVs. Commercial fleets will not transition to EVs, if they believe they have to wait days or weeks for repairs due to lack of local servicing. We will also create a training program to give others the opportunity to own their own service shops. This will lower the cost of owning an older electric vehicle. Success can be measured by an increase in EV adoption and more third-party service and repair options.

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