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It's Electric Incorporated
Brooklyn, New York

It's Electric is electric vehicle (EV) charging purpose-built for cities.

It's Electric was started to solve a massive urban dilemma:

Cities in NY State want EVs on the road as quickly as possible, but don't offer a way to charge for the millions of drivers who park their cars on the street.

While major EV charging companies focus on regional growth with limited interest in curbside charging, disadvantaged communities in dense urban neighborhoods are being excluded from the electric transportation revolution.

It's Electric will solve this by installing and maintaining a network of curbside charging posts in disadvantaged communities.

It's Electric will rapidly scale by using existing, privately-owned distribution; sharing revenue with adjacent properties to expand participation in the new EV economy.

With our charging posts in place, It's Electric will track vehicle miles traveled by EVs that use our network.

Curbside charging is critical, and with NYSERDA's help, It's Electric will unlock EV ownership for millions of New Yorkers.

It's Electric's curbside chargers will make it easier and more convenient for residents in disadvantaged communities to own and operate EVs.

This will result in an immediate reduction of tail-pipe pollutants.Cleaner air will benefit residents struggling with respiratory conditions like asthma.

EV ownership brings financial benefits, as the cost of powering and maintaining an EV will ultimately become less expensive compared to ICE vehicles.

While EVs are currently more expensive to own in the US compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, this trend will be reversed as more affordable EV models come to market (see EU and China).

Lower transportation costs will be particularly beneficial for residents in disadvantaged communities, who spend more on transportation-related costs than average.

This is particularly true for residents who do not have convenient access to public transportation, and rely on personal vehicles for commuting and operating small businesses.

Electrification of transportation leads to other opportunities to promote transportation mode shift, in particular ride-sharing.

EV car sharing services, electric taxis, and ride-hailing drivers will be more likely to serve disadvantaged communities with a well-developed charging infrastructure.

It's Electric's chargers will be equipped with a lower-voltage charging port for electrified micromobility like scooters, boards, and bikes.

The lower-voltage port can also be used for on-street events, like street fairs, block parties, mobile vendors, and micro-parks.

Finally, It's Electric's business model extends financial benefits to residents who may not own vehicles, since charging post revenue is shared with the host property.

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