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Light Green Machines, LLC
Ithaca, New York

e-Hub: bus shelter and charging station combined with rideshare programs

By implementing robust, local e-Hub shelter / charging stations in current underserved communities, and connecting an electric bus with e-carshare and e-bikeshare programs, passengers will have increased incentives to utilize electrified transportation options. The shelter structure will be manufactured from recycled plastics, upscaled to form toughened composite components. Most charging stations for passenger vehicles are located along high traffic routes. There are no known applications that combine public transit, and rideshare elements for the total e-transportation solution. The e-Hub unit will provide communities with increased access to several modes of e-transport while reducing the dependency on fossil fuel vehicles in their communities. Targeted outcomes include implementation of at least two or more e-Hub units in the Ithaca, NY area, and connection with rideshare programs. Success will be measured by the level of community engagement, and sustained utilization above 75% for year 1.

Light Green Machine's (LMG) solution will provide cost effective, sustainable, multi-use structures that can serve as electrification hubs for a range of transportation modes. The e-Hub will serve as a waiting / ride-hailing area for passengers seeking bus transport, as well as a bus charging / top-off station. It will also serve as a pick-up / drop-off station for e-carshare vehicles, in addition to a charging location. It can also serve as a pick-up / drop-off station for bikeshare and e-bikshare, as well as a charging point. Additional device charging stations can be offered for waiting passengers.

Short term impact will allow for electrified transportation solutions in disadvantaged and remote areas that have access to electrical grid service. Additional options can include remote locations served by solar or hydro power, but cost and capacity analyses would be required for feasibility. By coupling with LGM's small bus solution, efficient electrified small bus service can be offered for demand response or transit service. Success for this proposal will manifest as full engagement by the targeted underserved communities, increased service routes for fleet operators, as well as collaboration with, and increased service for other transportation solutions such as carshare and bikeshare programs. Emissions reduction will be obtained through the use of electrified transport options in place of fossil fuel vehicles.

This solution has the ability to impact small communities deeply, by providing access to public transit that has not existed for them before, and can impact a larger population through replicated implementation elsewhere.

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