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Monfort Technology, LLC
Bradenton, Florida

EV truck company disrupts entire EV truck market

Monfort Technology , LLC and partners now offers a conversion kit technology that can turn any gasoline or diesel new or used  truck into a 100% electric vehicle.

Kit One: Converts any Class 1-3

Kit Two: Converts any Class 4-5

Kit Three:  Converts any Class 8

Our company offers actual proof of working vehicles through past EV conversions of school buses, box trucks and pickup trucks.

The outcome will prove that our system is the most cost effective solution.  We will also prove that we can use the city's existing employees, staff and infrastructure to convert, build and maintain these EV trucks and buses at a fraction of the cost of any competitor.

Since our electric drivetrain system and battery packs are in a kit forms,  this allows conversions of trucks and buses to be converted  at 10 times the speed and half the cost.

Acceleration of electrification:

Our business model works on Engine bay floorplanning.  We take a 30 foot by 40 foot bay that will allow us to bring in any Class 1-3 truck or bus for conversion.

Conversion steps:

  1. Once the vehicle is identified we will design brackets that will allow us to connect the Electric motor Assembly "EMA" to the existing transmission and the original engine mounts.
  2. We will then make a bracket assembly kit for the battery boxes to be attached to the frame of the truck bed
  3. Then we will design the wiring harnesses to the correct lengths

To control cost even further:

Once all of these brackets and adaptor plates are designed they will be placed into a library which will allow us to convert any similar system over and over again at a fraction of the cost because the kit is fully designed at that point.

Disadvantage communities:

Allowing these conversions to be made into a kit will allow any garage in any area to convert vehicles at any location with certified mechanics.

Once the kits have been designed it is 100% replicable in any garage, at any city at any county.  The kits are easy for every day mechanics to install.  These mechanics have already been trained for the ICE engines and transmission and they will use the same classes at the same centers as always keeping within their tight community with open and easy communication.

Location of Proposed Work
Queens County
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Queens County
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