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Electric Mobility ChallengeElectric Truck & BusClean Neighborhoods
New York City and Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities, Inc. (D/B/A Empire Clean Cities)
NEW YORK, New York

Clean Healthy Resilient NYC Streets

The proposed concept is to conduct a feasibility study of all City of New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) facilities in environmental justice areas to identify those best suited for  upgrades with necessary infrastructure to electrify the refuse fleet. The proposed project aims to:

  • create a set of criteria for identifying facilities best suited for electrification in the near and longterm
  • develop strategies for electrifying those facilities
  • improve the city's resiliency and quality of life of surrounding communities through community engagement projects, such as community solar.

Adoption of medium to heavy duty (MD/HD) electric vehicles requires more than simply purchasing new vehicles. Planning, designing, installing, and managing charging infrastructure can prove to be costly and intimidating

This project has three major components:

  1. Electrification opportunity screening of NYC wide City of New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) fleet facilities based on technical, economic and community criteria
  2. Detailed electrification feasibility study performed at top ranked DSNY facilities
  3. Implementation of fleet electrification projects for a total of 2,100 collection trucks and 450 street sweepers, including a community solar project to provide resiliency and community value.

In the short term, this project will support DSNY's transition to electrification by installing charging stations within a facility selected by criteria outlined in Phase 1. The project reduces diesel emissions and noise pollution in the communities serviced by the depot selected for a pilot.

In the long term, the project will assist DSNY with their transition to a fully electric fleet, reducing carbon emissions by 71.5 metric tons per year, save 7,800 gallons of fuel per year, and support the health and wellbeing of communities across the city. The roadmap will also serve as a model for fleets with MD/HD vehicles, by providing a step-by-step guide for charging installation based on a real-world example, lessons learned and best practices, and an overview of available technology options.

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