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ParkMyFleet, LLC
New York, New York

eMobility Hubs for a Greener Future

At present, managed charging and maintenance hubs for fleets are not available to fleet owners. This slows the transition to EVs and results in continued GHG and particulate emissions. To meet this need, ParkMyFleet is creating eMobility hubs to provide managed charging and maintenance that support community health and sustainability. Its hubs will offer a centralized location for charging electric last-mile delivery and rideshare vehicles. This would also encourage job growth by bringing local drivers to this location for their company vehicles. ParkMyFleet's solution will be successful because of a demonstrated history of success and its matching software that provides ease of use for the consumer and efficiencies in energy utilization resulting in a cleaner community. We intend to accelerate the deployment of last-mile delivery EVs and local rideshare EV adoption by providing a centralized, modular charging location that can be replicated in other communities.

ParkMyFleet's eMobility hub is a smart, connected, secure, and managed hub designed to help businesses transition their last-mile delivery fleets to electric while providing services to ensure maximized uptime and low-cost charging. This hub will also have an in-front-of-the-fence charging location for rideshare/carshare vehicles that transition to electric. ParkMyFleet's business model works by purchasing lots in locations near fleet service areas and by partnering with charging infrastructure and managed charging companies. ParkMyFleet hires locally and manages lot operations to help its customers keep their fleet vehicles charged and operational.A large hurdle as companies consider the transition to electric delivery vehicles is the cost of infrastructure and the uncertainty of managing charging. While the cost of the vehicles is clear based on the original equipment manufacture (OEM), infrastructure costs are harder to plan for, especially when considering moving to a different location. ParkMyFleet takes care of this uncertainty by installing the charging infrastructure and managing the charging operations to keep the fleets charged for when they're needed.The inclusion of a ParkMyFleet eMobility hub will benefit this disadvantaged community in three distinct ways: it will

  1. draw last-mile delivery, rideshare, and eMobility hub workers to the neighborhood,
  2. reduce localized GHG emissions, and
  3. encourage EV adoption among local residents through seeing the vehicles or by utilizing the encouraged carshare and rideshare services.
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