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Rally Communitas Corp
Buffalo, New York

Regional Mobility to Rally Communities

Rally solves the intercity regional transportation problems of cost, availability, and emissions.

Rally's mobility platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict intercity transportation demand. We price, schedule, and market bus trips to meet that demand. We then connect to our network of local bus operators to execute the trips.

With NYSERDA we electrify the buses that already run our demand-proven routes!

Our partners supply new and converted electric buses to our bus companies. These operators run buses at reduced TCO and they install shared charging infrastructure at their existing depots. Rally's newly trained drivers come from disadvantaged communities and are hired by bus companies to operate their electric buses.

The outcomes are measured in ridership and revenue: with 1.5M riders and $45M revenue since 2015, our success is proven. The prize electrifies our existing solution, instantly making electric buses commercially viable, and increasing regional mobility options for communities.

Rally's solution overview:

  • Enable EV service on our technology platform for high-quality intercity transportation
  • Subsidize bus operators ability to offer Rally electric buses to charter to fulfill these services
  • Recruit and train drivers from disadvantaged communities to be hired by bus operators
  • Increase mobility options within disadvantaged communities and subsidize rides for those who need it
  • Reduce EV total cost of ownership (TCO) through our operator maintenance network and by working with partners

This solution accelerates the electrification of medium-duty and heavy-duty (MD/HD) vehicles, reduces operating costs, and improves the quality of life in disadvantaged communities. It will meaningfully impact all the problems described above with solutions directly addressing the challenges of each stakeholder.

These buses will inherently reduce air pollution within the communities they service as well as the entire state by reducing dependence on private cars for regional transportation.

Waypoints demonstrating success include: increased ridership, demonstrating the viability of EVs, jobs created, and revenue for disadvantaged communities.

Rally's core strategy has been proven. It will now be electrified and enhanced by the recruitment of drivers which the industry is sorely lacking. We have already scaled our existing solution internationally. Combining this history with the success of the program will prove the scalability of electric buses around the world.

Our solution's impact is immediate and grows over time, well beyond the 3-year project period. It will have a broad and lasting impact across the entire population and geography. It will deeply affect many disadvantaged communities through the targeted economic activity created by the program.

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New York City
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