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Electric Mobility ChallengeElectric Truck & BusClean Neighborhoods
Shared Mobility Inc.
Buffalo, New York

Delivering Electrified Transportation through Mobility Access Points

Disadvantaged communities in Western New York and the Capital Region lack access to affordable, equitable transportation options. Public transportation alone cannot sufficiently overcome these challenges. New, innovative mobility solutions must be implemented through a community-controlled lens to ensure substantive impacts for everyone.

The Project Team, led by Shared Mobility Inc. (SMI), seeks to alleviate this challenge by integrating electric shared transportation--electric micromobility (EMM), electric carshare and e-cargo--with public transit at Mobility Access Points (MAPs). By utilizing shared mobility in tandem with transit, this project will alleviate first/last mile challenges, provide centralized access to a variety of transportation options, and increase personal mobility for disadvantaged residents.

The Project Team will employ both qualitative and quantitative measures to gauge success including utilization metrics and direct community feedback provided by continual community outreach. This project will increase quality of life and access to key services for residents in five Upstate cities.

Shared Mobility, Inc. (SMI), along with partners in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, seek to address a lack of access to electric mobility options and charging infrastructure in Western New York and the Capital Region using a three-pronged approach.

Establish Mobility Access Points (MAPs) across both regions along major transit corridors. Community partners will guide siting along with technology groups that specialize in deployment of electric infrastructure for both enterprise mobility management (EMM) and EVs in conjunction with National Grid. This work will be led by the project's Infrastructure Team. The Infrastructure Team will lead the deployment of shared services for e-bikes, e-scooters, EVs, and electric-assist cargo-bikes at MAPs to provide additional clean transportation options.

The Community Team, with assistance from SMI, will lead engagement in MAP focus areas to inform the planning process, ensure affordable access, and utilize targeted marketing and outreach to raise awareness of the new mobility services, technologies and equity-based pricing options.

By offering a variety of new, affordable, electrified mobility options in tandem with public transit service in areas, this project will directly work to increase the personal mobility of disadvantaged residents in both regions. This deployment model will lay the groundwork for future growth of mobility services and transit with shared mobility bridging first/last mile gaps and transit providing a consistent service backbone. Using a network-based approach that seeks to use electric mobility as a means to connect residents with services and opportunities, this project will have broad-reaching positive impacts in both regions.

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