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Skycharger, LLC
Port Chester, New York

RightEV - Clean, Scalable, Affordable EV Solutions for Underserved Communities

SKYCHARGER will install Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations (EVSE) paired with renewable generation (where possible) to support novel EV financing models (such as subscription or vehicle trade in programs) to spur EV adoption in rural New York for low- and moderate-income drivers. In Johnstown and Gloversville (initial demonstration sites), SKYCHARGER will install ample publicly accessible Level 2 EVSE for drivers to charge multiple times per week, avoiding the higher costs associated with DC fast charging. SKYCHARGER anticipates deploying one EVSE for every five EVs forecasted to be operating locally by 2025. SKYCHARGER's EV subscription program provides an avenue for low-cost, low-risk exposure to EVs, allowing users to enter into short term (e.g., 3, 6, or 12 month) vehicle subscriptions. In addition to the subscription service, SKYCHARGER will implement a low-cost purchase program (e.g. Cash for Clunkers) for drivers that want to own an EV.

This project will accelerate EV adoption to meaningfully transform disadvantaged communities through community-engaged activities aimed at increasing the accessibility and affordability of EVs and electric vehicle suppy equipment (EVSE). The projects will establish models (e.g. subscription service) to reduce the capital and operating costs for implementing and reliably charging EVs in rural settings. With this funding, the Project Team will expand the accessibility and affordability of EVs in disadvantaged communities across New York by working with communities, industry, and public agencies to create meaningful EV, EVSE, and charging incentives. The Project Team will host multiple series of roundtable industry and community discussions--with project champions, community-based organizations, and Technical and Community Advisory Committees (TAC and CAC)--to learn from and educate these smaller communities and municipalities on how to best deliver the benefits of cleaner transportation systems to meet community needs. The project will ensure that the targeted communities have ample, convenient, easily accessible, low cost, higher amperage (faster) EVSE--targeting one EVSE per every five EV operating by 2025. When feasible, the Project Team will evaluate V2X opportunities to provide additional benefits to site hosts (V2B) or provide ancillary grid services (V2G). To advance workforce development, the project team will develop lessons and curricula for grade school students to grow interested in the many career pathways of clean transportation. Critically, the Project Team will develop and execute a comprehensive community-enabling strategy for securing additional project funding from federal, state, and local sources.

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