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Skycharger, LLC
Port Chester, New York

Good2Grid - EV Affordable Car-Sharing coupled with Vehicle-2-Grid Pilot

SKYCHARGER will install Vehicle-to-Grid capable ("V2G") bidirectional electric vehicle (EV) charging stations (EVSE) and implement an Affordable EV Car Sharing Service at Affordable Housing Authority facilities to spur EV access in New York's underserved and disadvantaged urban communities. With partner E4TheFuture, the Team will replicate E4TheFuture's Massachusetts deployed Good2Go Affordable EV Car Sharing Service in New York. The EV fleet will use Fermata Energy's bidirectional EVSE to access value streams from advanced building energy management, utility demand response programs, and utility/Independent System Operator (ISO) wholesale market programs to reduce the cost of the EV car-sharing platform. SKYCHARGER will coordinate with community stakeholders, local government, site hosts, industry, utilities, and financiers to determine appropriate EV and EVSE siting and design the car-sharing model. SKYCHARGER will deploy new V2G EVSE and affordable car-sharing services within 12 months of award. This project will accelerate access to EV and EVSE for low- and moderate-income residents.

The pilot will utilize 120 Nissan Leafs paired with Fermata Energy FE-20 Bi-Directional charging infrastructure (one-to-one vehicle to charger ratio). SKYCHARGER will provide the Fermata chargers and Nissan Leafs at a discounted rate to the Good2Grid program in return for the revenues they accrue through the Independent System Operator of New York (ISO-NY) Forward Capacity Market (FCM) and local utility demand response programs. This project will accelerate transportation electrification powered by renewable energy to meaningfully transform disadvantaged communities through community-engaged activities aimed at increasing the accessibility and affordability of EVs and EVSE. The project's primary goal is to demonstrate models to reduce the capital and operating costs for implementing and reliably fueling and charging EVs for car-sharing. With this funding, the Project Team will be able to demonstrate its model at multiple locations--identified in close coordination with E4TheFuture and its NY Housing Authority partners --and gather real-time data about the potential for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities to support additional revenues that reduce the cost of transportation access to the rider. Waypoints include feedback from community organizations and advocates, initial electrical infrastructure assessments at sites, and coordination with utilities to participate in demand response programs and ancillary service markets. The Team will host a series of roundtable industry and community discussions with CBOs, and Technical and Community Advisory Committees (TAC and CAC) to learn from and educate smaller communities and municipalities on how to best deliver the benefits of the program.

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New Paltz
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