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Electric Mobility ChallengeElectric Truck & BusClean Neighborhoods
Softcons, Inc
USA, South Carolina

Accelerating cleaner mobility through a socially inclusive platform

An affordable and cleaner mode of mobility for the majority of use-cases has been a challenge for decades. An effective mobility solution for the disadvantaged and marginalised communities will enable access to better livelihood opportunities. The platform offers electric two-wheelers-based commute solutions through an app-based technology-enabled dock-less and keyless interface offering a cost-competitive, user-friendly, environmentally conscious transportation option. The solution is supported by community-managed solar-powered battery swapping infrastructure which takes it a step further to offer clean mobility solutions.

Our mobility solution is based on free-float electric two-wheelers supported by solar-powered and community-managed battery swapping infrastructure. A commuter can simply book the scooters using the app and take a ride, being a free-float model he or she can park the scooter in a safe and valid parking zone near his or her destination. This seamless access to move strengthens productivity and enables various options of livelihoods.

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